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Don’t let what a home doesn’t have stop you from buying it if it has what it needs: SPACE!

Most homes today are designed with large Master suites. But this was not always the case. Many older homes were designed with modest bedrooms that had small closets and even smaller bathrooms.

Our lifestyles have changed and now most people want more from their private space, including lots of storage in walk-in closets, and pampering amenities in beautiful bathrooms. So a redesigned master suite is not only a common request, it’s often a must have on the new home buying checklist.

But a home without the perfect master suite shouldn’t stop you from buying it. Remember, you’re buying the space – if the space is there – it’s yours to do with whatever you want. And sometimes that’s better. You don’t have to live with someone else’s choices just because you feel bad ripping out an updated Master en-suite. 

So, how can you increase and improve the amenities in a master bedroom without adding on to a home? 

Here’s a few things to consider to help it go smoothly.

  • Know exactly what you want out of the space.      Do you want a larger spa like shower? A soaking tub? Dual vanities? Decide and go forward.

shower expansion

  • Figure out where to borrow space from.      Guest room exceedingly large? Steal from it.
  • Locate unused (dead) space like hall closets, walkways and stairwells.      Have plenty of storage and really don’t need the hall closet that just happens to be behind your teeny shower? Well, you just won the bathroom remodel lottery. There’s your space!
  • Know if you’re willing to move plumbing or not.      It is costly, so working with existing plumbing will save you money and lots of destruction!
  • Make square footage do double duty.      Don’t choose between a shower and a bath. Find one that fits your style and does both. Remember – it’s about using the space you have to get what you want out of it.
  • Prioritize & put you first!      Don’t feel guilty for making the office 6×6. You’ll enjoy the renovated square footage more.
  • Plan and focus on the details.      With a good plan and time to make decisions your renovation can happen without all the stereotypical snafus. But, know you will probably have a couple just for good measure!

Do you have a renovation you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear about it.

Do you have a renovation you’d like to do? Contact us and we’ll help get you in touch with some of the best in the business to help you with it.

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