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    Why does Matterport really Matter?

    High-end homes deserve high-class treatment

    What is it?

    • Special camera that photographs and scans the home and property.

    • Captures 360 degree views.

    • Repeated every 5-10 feet it creates a walking path to follow.

    • Software stitches the images together and creates a true 3-D model.

    • Allows for different views: Traditional Floor Plan, Dollhouse View, VR Walkthrough.


    Why do it?

    • Unique way to literally “walk someone through” the property without physically being there.

    • Share a URL to prospective buyer so they can get a feel for the house prior to visiting it.

    • View together and discuss features, flow and if it meets their needs.

    • Cut down on walk throughs, leaving your home, keeping it show ready, privacy and security.

    • In person showings are then more serious as they are like a 2nd or 3rd showing.

    • It’s like a 24/7 Open House.


    How is it different from other video?

    • You can spin the house around to see different levels and drop in wherever you want to explore.

    • You are actually standing in the property! But virtually.

    • When you move along the path it feels like you are walking.

    • Truly understand the flow, daylight, depth and views of the property.


    Who uses it?

    • Out of town clients

    • International buyers (RE/MAX has 7500 offices around the world in over 100 countries.)

    • Local buyers too


    Does it have other uses?

    • New construction – Captures different stages of the construction process. See what is behind the walls for running wires for electronics, for example. Demonstrate different design options.

    • Developers – Same advantages but on the commercial level.


    Is this for you?

    • It’s a case by case basis.

    • Let’s talk and find out!


    Wanna see an example? Of course you do! Here’s one we really like.




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