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    School’s Out for Summer!!

    School is out and Summer break is officially here!

    Finally, no more schedules and lunches to pack or gym shoes forgotten in the back packs. Gone is the guilt of getting to bed late and forgetting to finish homework. Easy mornings and carefree days have arrived.

    If you are lucky enough to stay at home with your kids, you also know that feeling will be tested many times over the next 11 weeks. Below are some great ideas to keep you and your kiddos happy. Even if you’ve already got them all camped up and your schedules are set, there is still plenty to enjoy and mix up your summer.

    Have fun!


    1. Visit the DIA
    2. Visit the Michigan Science Center
    3. Visit Eastern Market
    4. Go to a Tiger’s Game
    5. Sea Life Michigan – an aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing
    6. CorkTown
    7. GreekTown
    8. MidTown
    9. Mexican Village
    10. Belle Isle
    11. Detroit Zoo
    12. Toledo Zoo
    13. Potter Park Zoo
    14. Henry Ford Imax Theater
    15. Ann Arbor Hands On Museum
    16. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
    17. Spring Break Art Days @ Cranbrook Art Museum
    18. Cranbrook Institute of Science
    19. Pick any Michigan Lighthouse and go check it out.


    1. Sleep in and have breakfast in bed
    2. Make a fort big enough for adults
    3. Movie Day
    4. Spa Day
    5. Wash the cars
    6. Have a bonfire
    7. Chalk, bubbles, hopscotch, hula hoop, play catch!
    8. Ride bikes, take walks, fly kites!
    9. Find a spot for your garden and let the kids plan it and prep it
    10. Read a book together, take turns with each chapter
    11. Redecorate a room
    12. Really learn how to play all those Wii games!
    13. Culture Day – eat, dress and talk in that vein!
    14. Game night
    15. Arts and Crafts Day
    16. Scavenger Hunt
    17. Science Experiments Day
    18. Beauty Day
    19. Do nothing Day

    4 the Kids:

    1. Sky Zone
    2. Open Gym at  Troy Gymnastics
    3. Open gym at YMCA’s or your gym
    4. Find a new playground
    5. Detroit Kid City or Java Jungle offer indoor fun
    6. Go bowling
    7. Go to the movies
    8. Creative Arts Studio – Royal Oak
    9. Kids classes at Home Depot/Lowe’s or Michael’s
    10. Visit your local library
    11. Play Putt-Putt
    12. Have a multi-family playdate
    13. Take them shopping for Summer clothes
    14. Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge for waterpark fun
    15. Scavenger Hunt on a Nature Trail
    16. Camping
    17. Carnivals
    18. Tour Morley Candy Makers
    19. Jump in puddles

    It’s fun to let the kids pick one outing and one at home idea each week. Anything else you do is a bonus! And you’ll still get to enjoy summer and not be so very busy! While it is summer, don’t forget to keep them learning! Hit the library to keep their reading skills growing and make sure they don’t forget how to add, subtract, multiply or divide!!

    Here’s hoping you don’t have to hear “I’m bored” too many times!!

    Let us know what you liked the best.

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