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    So Much More Than A Home When It’s On A Cul-De-Sac

    It’s very possible that cul-de-sacs, aka dead-end streets aka no exit aka not a thru street, may have been used intentionally in antiquity for defense purposes. Pin the enemy in on three sides and they become a very dead end for them indeed.

    Not that children are the enemy, but if you could make sure they were safely enclosed in a veritable play structure that is your neighborhood, wouldn’t you?

    That’s just what life on a cul-de-sac could let you do, in addition to getting you: off street patrol, out of green martian sign placement duties and peace of mind back in your life.

    Here’s what cul-de-sac’s offer:

    • considerably less passing traffic
    • less noise and reduced actual or perceived risk
    • increase in the sense of tranquility
    • increase spontaneous outdoor activity by children
    • higher levels of social interaction
    • lowers the incidence of crime
    • increased natural surveillance by homeowners

    Drive by one and you’ll often spot a group of children, a hockey goal, bikes, scooters, skateboards, you get my drift. Very little pavement if you know what I mean. Because, “Stay on our street” is all the kids have to know.

    What do buyers and sellers have to know?
    That home buyers often pay up to a 20% premium for a home on such a street.* Would you?

    Do you have a home on a cul-de-sac? We do. See it here:


    *Culs-de-Sac: Suburban Dream or Dead End? – NPR

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