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Spring Clean up without getting Cleaned Out!

Spring has Sprung in Metro Detroit and if your watery eyes didn’t let you know, then the activity in your neighborhoods should have.

Mulch deliveries, landscaping trucks parked in neighborhoods and outdoor furniture stowed for the winter are all making appearances. We’re sure you have more than a few tasks on your list and you probably need a few good recommendations.

Asking your neighbors is a good place to start. Especially if there’s a house in your neighborhood that you just love the way it looks.

Did you know you could ask your entire neighborhood? is a pretty neat little community based social site that let’s you do just that. Not only will you come away with more reccos than you need, but if your dog ever goes missing, they help out with that kind of warm-hearted neighborly stuff too!

Ask a Realtor®. Geez, who would of thunk it? Realtors do more business with landscapers, window washers, and the like in one year than one neighborhood does. And they often know of many smaller or less advertised help. That translates into a smaller, less painful bill. Here’s a short list of ours.

A favorite option, if you live in a neighborhood teeming with teenagers, ask them! Who knows what they’re saving up to buy. One thing’s for sure, they’ll save your wallet and your back some strain.

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