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Franklin Village

A little bit about Franklin Village:

Franklin Village’s charming Village Center boasts historic architecture where unique shops and businesses welcome you and treat you like family.

Probably it’s best-known point of interest is the Franklin Cider Mill which opens Labor Day weekend and stays packed with families and fun until Thanksgiving.

Franklin is located in central Oakland County but you will be surprised by the village’s rural nature. This Village of 3,150 prides itself on being known as “The Town That Time Forgot”.  Its residents are not forgetful, in fact, they relish the quaintness of their small town and embrace all that it means – from its church, garden club and historical society to it’s shops, restaurants and baseball league. They intentionally preserve and promote the historic character and natural feel of the Village.

Franklin Village is bounded by Bingham Farms on the east, Bloomfield Township on the north, Southfield to the south and Farmington Hills to the west.



  • Restaurants
    • Farmhouse Coffee & Ice Cream
    • Market Basket
    • Franklin Cider Mill
    • Franklin Grill


  • Boutiques
    • Village Boutique   
    • Zieben-Mare


  • Landmarks/ Points of Interest
    • Franklin Cider Mill
    • Farmhouse Coffee & Ice Cream


  • Community Events
    • Franklin Parade