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Beverly Hills For Year-Round Family Fun

Beverly Hills

Because of many things, Beverly Hills is a great place for families with children to consider. First of all, many other families with children live here, making Beverly Hills a place where both parents and children are more likely to develop social ties with other families, as well as find family-oriented services and community. The village’s good public school district and large population of college educated adults provide an environment conducive to academic values. With regard to real estate, Beverly Hills has a high rate of owner-occupied single family homes, which tends to reflect stability in the local community. Finally, Beverly Hills’s overall crime rate is lower than average for the country.

  • Beverly Hills Grill
  • Brady’s Tavern
  • Michigan Beer Growler Co.
  • Achatz Handmande Pie Co.
  • Arkins Sweet BBQ Pit ( technically Southfield – but too close to leave out!)
  • The Honeybaked Ham Company
  • Winter Family Fun Day
  • Groves Orchestras Forte 5K Run
  • Halloween Hoot at Beverly Park
  • Easter Egg hunt at Beverly Park
  • Memorial Day Parade at Beverly Park
  • Labor Day Parade and Festivities